Tea And Arete

Arete is an ancient Greek word meaning excellence. To Greeks arete represented the highest way of living. To strive for arete was to strive to achieve your highest human potential, to be the best you could possibly be.

Within each of us is the deep desire is to do good, make a positive impact, and strive for the best we can be. For this we need to go through our own personal transformation. Pursuing excellence in everything is not always easy. You are going to fail sometime. Sometimes you are going to get an elbow in your face, and sometimes someone is going to step on your foot. It’s going to hurt. But picking yourself up, brushing yourself off, and starting all over again is a sign of arete at work.

Excellence does not place blame. It offers an opportunity for learning. Ask the 3 questions: What did I do right? What did I do wrong? How can I improve the next time? It is only when you strive to achieve excellence, is where you find happiness. It is where you find fulfilment, satisfaction and significance. What the Greeks called arete, is the pursuit of excellence in everything you do.

At 98East Teas we designed this small ritual to help you discover your arete:

1. Choose a blend. Prepare a cup. Sit in a quiet room or corner.

2. Hold the cup in the palms of your hand and sip into its relaxing comfort.

3. Close your eyes. Bring your awareness to your spine. Find a comfortable posture within.

4. Reflect: What did I do right? What did I do wrong? How can I improve the next time?

A perfect companion for this ritual is the Hibiscus blend. This deep red beverage has a unique, complex, sweet and tart floral flavor, punctuated with sharp spice notes to perk you up and ask the questions that lead to success.