Morning Routine

“The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong in the broken places.” Ernest Hemingway

We all carry broken pieces in different ways. Life teaches us that through the process of repairing, through looking within ourselves with mindfulness… we can heal and use our past wounds to make us stronger. And we do it not with paste, glue or duct tape. But with gold, a transformational narrative that helps you live free, fulfilled, and in flow.

Your life is now more beautiful for being broken. We all make mistakes. But we learn, heal and grow. We survive blows to the spirit, ego, or reputation, and we can still live to tell the tale.

Like a teacup, you may fall over the edge and as a result, chip or break into pieces. You will then need repairs. And that’s fine. After all, it is the cracks that give you character. And they become beacons of your experience – you extend empathy, understanding, love and compassion - because of what you have been through. The cracked teacup is the flaws. But the tea inside, metaphorically, is the true essence of yourself. And that will not change.

In a life where everything moves quickly, when your plate is always loaded and you have to be on top of everything, it’s nice to have the certainty and comfort of a morning routine. You can find peace in a cup of tea before everyone in the household heads off in their own direction, a simple moment of connection through the medium of tea. Use these moments to come together with yourself, together with your vision of a simple and intentional life, what you love to do, what you feel, and what you experience. Find the space to take stock and create space for the day to unfold.