Think outside the box

We now live in the ‘Imagination Age’. It is a period beyond the information age, where creativity and imagination will be primary creators of economic value. In the Industrial Age control equaled power; in the Information Age knowledge equaled power; in the Imagination Age ideas equals power. When we see the smart business stories making the headlines; Tesla’s new cars, Zoom video conferencing et all, they are clearly exploiting the new paradigm. Imagination is innate in all of us. All we have to do is to create the conditions to allow it to emerge.

Imagination is seeing what does not yet exist. We now know that we can be more creative when we access a slower form of brain waves (alpha) through relaxation. Too often we get stuck in detail, tasks, and short-term output. By stepping back and taking a broader perspective, we can see what is really going on. This is the inner process that – when acknowledged and enabled – creates ‘outside the box’ solutions. Harnessing our imagination then is both interesting and business-savvy.

We’ve known this for a long time. Osho once said, ‘You are just living in a small corner of your being - the tiny conscious mind. It is as if somebody has a palace and has completely forgotten about the palace and has started living on the porch - and thinks this is all.’

Research has shown that tea drinking can lead to a positive mood which is beneficial for creativity. What better way to allow your innate capability to flow as an agile creator and design the future as it emerges, all while curling up with a cup of tea.