Caffeine-free Greek Chamomile

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Currently Unavailable
SKU: CR-CG-06-20


This soothing notes of chamomile make a perfect after dinner beverage. We handcrafted the light bodied and delicate infusion with flowery notes to help you set the tone for a good night's sleep, and this time caffeine-free.

Tasting notes:
A relaxing and rejuvenating caffeine-free blend with an herbal fruity taste - light-bodied, delicate and soothing infusion of organic rooibos, chamomile blossoms and peppermint, balanced with meadow, sweet spice scents of fennel and ginger.

Steeping notes:
Steep 2 teaspoons of tea in a cup (200ml) of hot water (boil and cool to 98°C), for 2 minutes. Strain and serve hot.

Organic rooibos, chamomile, peppermint, fennel, nutmeg


Chamomile is one of Greece’s most popular teas and much-loved. They sip chamomile as a healing beverage. Ancient Greeks dedicated chamomile to their Gods because they believed it to help cure “the fever”. Long before expensive skin creams and lotions, Greek women would wash their faces with cool chamomile tea to rejuvenate the skin and preserve the youthful glow. People have been consuming chamomile tea for many years in an attempt to improve health and wellbeing.

Although chamomile is a flavorful and aromatic herb, it is often sought out specifically for its health benefits. As a stress reliever, chamomile is one of the best botanicas you can choose. Greek Chamomile can be very calming, acting as a natural sedative. It is known for its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It may reduce symptoms associated with muscle spasms and pain, and menstrual cramps.

The soothing, flowery notes of this caffeine-free blend help relax the mind and body allowing you to get a good night sleep. You can also enjoy a cup of chamomile mid-afternoon especially when things are busily humming along. It gives you a moment to sip, gather your thoughts, and plan your next move.

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