Caffeine-free Kahwa

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SKU: CR-CK-01-20


This beverage is a connoisseur's delight. We specially handcrafted this blend for the caffeine-free enthusiasts to bring an haute touch to your celebration meal with family and friends. Its delicate sweet spice notes pairs well with Mediterranean and Middle Eastern styled food.

Tasting notes:
The gentle golden color and delicate fragrance of this tea comes from a blend of organic rooibos, saffron, cinnamon, cardamom, and roasted almond flakes.

Steeping notes: Steep 1 teaspoon of tea in a cup (200ml) of hot water (boil and cool to 98°C), for 2 minutes. Strain and serve hot.

Ingredients: Organic rooibos, cinnamon, cardamom, saffron, and roasted almond flakes


This historically popular drink is traditionally prepared in a copper kettle known as a samavaar, and served to guests in tiny, shallow cups after Wazwan and elaborate family dinners. Kashmiris and Kahwa go hand in hand - many people in Kashmir begin their day with a cup of kahwa tea for their morning burst of energy.

This caffeine-free blend is also an excellent source of antioxidants. If you love the fragrance of cinnamon laced with a hint of cardamom in your tea, the Kashmiri Kahwa is the perfect brew to soothe your cares away. Its delicate warm notes will embrace your body with a soothing warmth that’s just perfect to fight a cough and cold.

Kahwa is a health drink. It serves as a great wake-up tea, or an evening tea with cocktail samosas, vanilla cookies, and buttered scones. It can also be sipped all day to hydrate your body. In Kashmiri households, it is served after meals since it not only aids in digestion but also helps to wash away fat.

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