Assam Chili Blend

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SKU: CB-AC-05-20


In need of a little spice in your life? Chili chai is a twist on our traditional chai - the Indian drink of choice for centuries. We’ve added chili flakes and a hint of spices to organic black tea, to give you a hearty, dynamic, and exciting moment with tea.

Tasting notes: Warm, spicy, and bold. The whiff of spice unfolds warm flavors and opens up your senses to a malty fullness inviting you to indulge in its spicy fullness and a lingering chili taste.

Steeping notes: Steep 1 teaspoon of tea in a cup (200ml) of hot water (boil and cool to 98°C), for 4 minutes. Add hot milk. Strain and serve hot. Add sugar to taste. For an iced chai-tea treat, let your chai cool and serve over ice.

Ingredients: Organic black tea, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves, black pepper corns, and red chili flakes.


There is an ever present tendency amongst most of us to toast every occasion with a cup of tea. We curated this strong and spicy blend with a chili kick, great with lots of milk - a latte with spice and heat. Spices don't inveigh but coexist harmoniously with each other.

Tea has its therapeutic effects. It freshens up a man, clears his mind, invigorates the nerves, banishes lethargy, helps breaks the monotony of routine. With so many advantages this simple beverage has to offer, it is not surprising that chai, has come to occupy a place of central significance in the Indian social culture. Assam Chili chai is known to be a great energy booster. It gives a warming relief on days when you are feeling under the weather. The warmth from the spices gives relief when suffering from the common cold.

The Assam Chili is perfect to kickstart an active morning, or to unwind after a long day. The chai is also a favorite at any time especially during a rainy day. Another good way to enjoy this tea is with a good book. The blend becomes doubly enjoyable if the tea is accompanied by a slice of cake, glucose biscuits or samosas and vadas. Try it with milk and sugar for a classically British afternoon pick-me-up.

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