How it all started?

Maya Sabina Jennifer is a classically trained chef, tea sommelier, personal coach and founder of 98East Teas.

Maya is best known for her avante garde approach to guiding her clients get to the next level. In her new avatar, the classically trained chef, personal coach, and tea sommelier takes you on a different journey to health and well-being by exploring the powerful world of Tea.

Life was different when Maya started out three decades ago. Her high-pressured life had been taking its toll. One day while driving, she fell asleep at the wheel, and ran over a man. Providence saved the man, not a scratch. Her life took a 180 degrees turn. For the next decade she explored the labyrinth of the inner world and trained to coach under the guidance of a teacher. But when her teacher transitioned to a world beyond, Maya’s serene-protected world collapsed. She came face to face with a daunting reality.

She struggled with speeding up and slowing down in her new world. She was seeking something to relax. Here is when she discovered Tibetan monks had been drinking tea for thousands of years to maintain relaxed mindfulness during long hours of meditation. An aha moment!

Tea is the only plant with a unique combination of L-theanine and Caffeine. It is this unique combination that supports relaxed mindfulness over long periods. Focusing on speeding up without the space to slow down and reflect can lead to burnout. Maya saw how Tea could bridge the gap.

She studied under several tea masters to learn everything she could about the Camellia Sinensis. Maya travelled extensively within India, Sri Lanka and Hong Kong to learn more. She turned the spare room in her apartment into a lab, and the experiment to transform tea into a lifestyle drink began…

How 98East got its name!

Camellia Sinensis (the botanical name for tea) originated in Southeast Asia, specifically around the intersection of longitude 98°E and latitude 29°N, the point of confluence of the lands of Northeast India, North Burma, Southwest China and Tibet. The plant was introduced to more than 52 countries, from this ‘center of origin’.

East is the direction of the sunrise and the start of a new day. As the light shines it chases away the shadows and provides clarity. East equals beginnings. It is the source of light, and inspiration—the source of life itself.

98°C is the temperature at which tea is brewed to extract its maximum medicinal value.

At a deeper level, 98 East metaphorically represents our desire to nurture human potential and move them further in the direction of their dreams.

What is the 98East Tea Method?

Tea is 98% water, calorie-free, and health-centric. Each sip of tea nurtures the state of relaxed attention. Maya brought the peace of the monk’s world into the 98East Tea Method, so you can speed up without burnout. She created a practice and called it the ‘2C Pause’.

Every 2-3 hours during your workday, Maya recommends you take a pause, sip tea, and follow the 2C pause technique for 3-4 breath cycles, or until you feel relaxed. On the in-breath, calm the body. On the out-breath, clear all clutter. The practice is useful in helping you become more peaceful, patient and pragmatic.

‘Choose your mood, then choose your tea-botanical’ is another aspect of the 98East Method. Whether you desire to wake up, take care of that post-lunch slump, unwind after a long day, or simply enjoy with family and friends over sojourns, Maya has a tea-botanical passionately crafted for you

Why 98 East Teas? 7 compelling reasons

Rich in L-theanine: An amino acid found in tea leaves that has a calming effect on the nerves and promotes relaxed mindfulness.

Rich in antioxidants: Antioxidants have a protective effect on your body and help in fighting the damage caused to your cells by free radicals.

Great hydrant: Tea is 98% water. The other 2% contain the wonderful properties of tea and botanical extracts. Hence, it serves a higher purpose than water.

Made by nature: 98East Teas are sourced from pristine boutique gardens in the Himalayas, with the herbs and spices coming from select farms that use indigenous farming practices.

Multiple steeps: One teaspoon of 98East tea-botanica can be steeped twice to extract their complete medicinal value.

Handcrafted: Spices are stone-pounded, and the entire blend is handcrafted in small batch-size, ensuring freshness and flavor.

Everything is natural: Staying true to our mission, 98 East Teas does not use preservatives, nature-identical flavors, or additives.

98East Teas invites you to experience its uniquely designed suite of products and curated content and nurture your life and relationships with freshness and energy.